«Rencontres Performatives / Performative Gatherings»

«Rencontres Performatives: reinventer les moyens de rencontre»
«Performative Gatherings: reassembling gathering modalities»

By Inês Moreira
In Intime Collective / Collective Intimacy
Didier Fiuza Faustino (editor)
Monografik, 2010 [fr/eng]

Evento 2009 is an art event happening throughout the urban public space of the city of Bordeaux presenting artistic, theoretical and performative interventions articulated by the notion of Intime Collectif, the hub concept proposed by the chief curator, Didier Faustino. Exploring different dimensions of intimacy and collectiveness in public space, every programmed and commissioned art piece, architectural space, ephemeral event and sound experience is addressing situations where Intime Collectif exists.

How do intimacy and collectiveness co-inhabit in the everyday? Under what forms it does expresses it? Contributing a bit further to the disentanglement and recomposition of the relationships inscribed in the expression of Intime Collectif, a one-day event will take place on October 10, 2009. Named “Intimate and Collective: public debate” it is envisioned as a dialogic afternoon that seeks publicly to expand and unfold the core concept of evento 2009, provoking multi-perceptions of the notions implicated.

Dennis Adams, Lara Almarcegui, Democracia, Johannes Gees, MAP Office, muf architecture/art, Laurent Tixador

Theorists, critics and curators
Maurizio Bortolotti, Peter Cook, Joseph Grima, Sam Jacob / fat, Doreen Mende, Paolo Plotegher, Anne Querrien, Mårten Spångberg, Juri Steiner, Pelin Tan, Henry Urbach e Felix Vogel

ISBN: 978-2-36008-012-0