Advanced Training & Fieldwork Platforms

Platforms activated in-between public events, fieldwork and educational programs — curated gatherings, research workshops, think tanks and other situations for knowledge production and artistic practice. The platforms are opportunities for advanced training funded by different partnerships.

New Research

Inês Moreira was appointed Principal Investigator at Lab2PT research center, University of Minho, March 2022

Curating Contemporary Cultures: on architectures, territories and networks is a Research Cluster based at the Institute of Art History, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, active 2018–2022

Curating and revitalizing buildings – intervening in postindustrial spaces in Europe in the 21st century is the ongoing postdoctoral research developed at the Institute of Art History, New University of Lisbon (IHA-FCSH/NOVA). Funded by FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, since February 2016
Territory and Community is the curatorial research and exhibitionary project of the new permanent exhibition displaying memories, objects, fictions and documents from around 6000 years of history of Guimarães.
Venue: House of Memory of Guimarães, former Pátria Factory, Guimarães, opened in April 2016
Technical Unconscious is a curatorial research and cultural program developed at the abandoned industrial spaces of the mythical Cooperativa dos Pedreiros do Porto. Presented as an international exhibition, art residencies, talks and workshops. Venue: Masons Cooperative, Porto, opened in October 2014
Performing Building Sites — curating in/on/though space is my academic dissertation awarded the PhD degree in Curatorial/Knowledge from Goldsmiths College, University of London, August 2014.
Buildings & Remnants — essay project on post-industrial spaces (co-curated with Aneta Szylak) is a multidisciplinary curatorial research made public as an international exhibition and a book. Venue: former ASA Factory, Guimarães, opened in September 2012. The book B&R is the annex to my PhD in Curatorial/Knowledge, published in August 2013
Aftermath and Resonance! (Rescaldo e Ressonância!)  is a curatorial research project on the  the materiality and the spaces of the burnt Rectorate building, presented as an exhibition and a book. Venue: Rectorate of University of Porto, 2009