New book: Projecting Memory

Edited by Inês Moreira and Elena Lacruz (editors)

IRF Press (publisher)
Warsaw 2017 [eng]

Projecting Memory is a book aiming to trigger, and to keep feeding, interdisciplinary ongoing conversations across the research fields of both memory and space. Ranging stories and memories of specific locations in different countries, from Japan to Turkey, from Spain to Lebanon, among many other, memory affects both disciplinary fields and fields of practice, from architecture to urbanism, from history to political activism, from social intervention to fiction. This book is split into four sections, each devoted to a different understanding of a possible relation to memory: the first is recalling the past in new contemporary projects, the second is testifying the disappearance and erosion of past memories and places, a third one is remembering traumatic and violent collective memories in new projected spaces, and the last part brings literary fiction as a mode of forgetting and amplifying other memories.

Contributors: Inês Moreira, Elena Lacruz Alvira, Sabina Tanović, Kim Groop, Steve Smith, Hani Zgheib, M. Elena Lacruz Alvira, Juan Ramírez Guedes, Jakob Dahlbacka, İldem Aytar Sever,  Burkay Pasin, Ahenk Yılmaz, Kıvanç Kılınç, Sophie Chapman-Smith, Catherine Ann Collins, Urška Strle, Cayo Gamber, Wiktoria Wojtyra, Ralitsa Lyutskanova, Julia Kula, Antony Johae