Lab’Bel Galerie with Mel Bochner

The spatial project of Lab’Bel Galerie recreates the charisma,
the protocols, and the flaire of a NY-style art gallery. The
project consists of temporarily transforming the typical
Parisian shop into a contemporary NY art gallery at Le Marais,
to be publicly open for 5 days.

The transformation is an ironic interpretation of the visual and
spatial protocols of art galleries, completed in a very fast
set-up using simple materials.

The display follows ironic gestures, such as the spatial
organization in “3 project-rooms”, the wrap up of the non-arty
elements of the space as a loft-like design, the exhaustive
description of the exhibited objects in the labels and the
printed leaflet with the details of every element in the room.

Lab’Bel galerie, through its concept, display and mediation,
aims to “elevate the status” of the objects to be presented,
both industrially produced by the thousands:

  • Boîte Collecteur n. 7 by Mel Bochner
  • 10 Years of Lab’Bel, the book

Lab’Bel Galerie has 3 project-rooms:

  • Grand Hall : the main hall where collector box n. 7 by Mel Bochner
    is presented
  • Box Office : a black box in the lower floor with the making-of
    video of Mel Bochner’s box directed by Sébastien Pluot
  • Off-set : a documentation room devoted to Lab’Bel and its new book