Jornal Arquitectos #253 #254

Jornal Arquitectos
National Representations #253
The Aftermath of Autumn #254

Paula Melâneo and Inês Moreira (editors)
Ordem dos Arquitectos (publisher)
Lisbon, December 2017 [pt]

Jornal Arquitectos (J-A) is, once again, a paper magazine. These first two printed editions are combining a wide selection of contents from the first four editions published in the digital platform. Stabilized as an analogue publication, its aims to contribute to the history of the printed J-A collection (published since 1981). J-A had launched in 2016 a new digital platform, responding to the challenge of the Architects’ Association, to provide open access to a greater number of readers, architects and non-architects. In 2017, the Architects’ Association reconsidered the strategy and proposes to balance the presence in both platforms, digital and printed magazine.

Contributors to #253
Alexandra Areia, Carlos Machado e Moura, Fabrícia Valente (Crónica ed. online), Inês Moreira, Laurem Crossetti, Lígia Afonso, Lucinda Correia (Crónica ed. online), Luís Santiago Baptista, Paula Melâneo, Pedro Baía, Pedro Bandeira, Pedro Jordão, Susana Ventura, Ughetta Molin Fop And: Alexandre Alves Costa, Ana Paula Laborinho (ed. online), Carlos Moura-Carvalho (ed. online), João Santa-Rita (ed. online), Jorge Barreto Xavier (ed. online), José Mateus (ed. online), Manuel Graça Dias, Margarida Veiga (ed. online)

Contributors to #254
Alexandra Areia, Edgar Brito, Filipa Tomaz, Inês Moreira, Luís Santiago Baptista, Luís Vilhena, Nuno Cera, Nuno Grande, Pedro Bandeira, Rui Campos Matos, Tiago Casanova And: Amanda Levete

ERC: 108271
ISSN: 0870-1504
DL: 27626/89

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