«Architecture and Production at the “Storage”»

«Architecture and Production at the “Storage”: on the collaboration with the Museums of U.Porto»

«Arquitectura e Produção no Depósito, sobre a colaboração com os museus da U.Porto»

By Inês Moreira
In Depósito — anotações sobre densidade e conhecimento
[Storage — notes on density and knowledge]Paulo Cunha e Silva (editor)
U.Porto, 2007 [pt/eng]

“Designing an architectural project to display spatial the exhibition “Storage”, while leading the production of an exhibition which articulates almost two dozen of university museums, is, or can be seen, as two incompatible activities. The disciplinary distances between the creation of a new work — the architectural project — and the executive task, technical and eminently practical — a production management —, are obvious.” 

My text addresses the processes of design and production management of the exhibition Storage and theorizes about the backstage condition of curating.