Advanced Training & Fieldwork Platforms

Platforms activated in-between public events, fieldwork and educational programs – curated gatherings, research workshops, think tanks and other situations for knowledge production and artistic practice. The platforms are opportunities for advanced training funded by different partnerships.

A School at the Edge of Nowhere / Escola dos Confins e de Nenhures
Curators: Joclécio Azevedo + Inês Moreira
European Project Moving Borders — 2021
photo José Caldeira

The Oblique Think Tank #2
Org: Inês Moreira [Cluster]
Ateneu Comercial do Porto / Funded by Criatório 2019–2020
photo Thiago Liberdade

Post-Nostalgic Knowings
Curators: Inês Moreira + Aneta Szylak
Plaka Contemporary Art Course / Municipality of Porto — 2019
photo Renato Cruz Santos

The Oblique Think Tank #1
“Dam, Burst, Contamination and Resistance”
Org: Inês Moreira + Orlando Vieira Francisco
Ateneu Comercial do Porto — 2019
photo Thiago Liberdade

Post-Materials Archive @Gdansk
Org: Inês Moreira (tutor)
Erasmus Program @Fine Art School of Gdansk — 2018
photo: Inês Moreira