Inês Moreira (1977, PT) is an active curator, postdoctoral researcher and editor based in Porto, Portugal. Inês holds a PhD degree in Curatorial Knowledge from Goldsmiths College, University of London (2014), a Master’s degree from Metropolis — Masters Program in Architecture and Urban Culture, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / Centro de Cultura Contemporánea de Barcelona (2003) and has graduated in Architecture from FAUP (2001). Her present Post-Doctoral research project is funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (2016–2022) and it is affiliated to the Institute of Art History / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, where she coordinates the research cluster Curating the Contemporary. Since 2014, she serves as a guest Auxiliary Professor at the Fine Art Faculty of the University of Porto, lecturing on Contemporary Culture and on Curatorial Studies.

Personal message

In the last years I have been engaged with fieldwork, publishing and debating on the research gathered around my post-doctoral research, along lecturing at U.Porto, as well along activating curatorial platforms and networks oriented to artistic research and to knowledge production. As a researcher-curator, I am interested in epistemologies of curating and in advanced practices of research and artistic production. As subjects, my recent work focuses on man-made territories, such as post-industrial landscapes or spaces, on outcast historical buildings, on ruined spaces, on architectures under transformation, and on other collective memories. The methodologies  deployed include research, editorial and written work, in both academic and cultural publications, materializing in curated exhibitions, cultural programming, exhibition display and other public formats. The artistic and spatial practice I have developed since 2001 includes exhibition curating, display and cultural programming at  cultural venues in France, Poland, Spain, and Portugal. 

The website gathers part of my professional and creative portfolio, for more specific focus on scientific research, see the links above. 

Selection of coordination of projects and teams in national and international cultural institutions: 

Jornal Arquitectos Co-editor of the Association of Architects’ official magazine (2015-19)

House of Memory of Guimarães Chief curator of the new permanent exhibition and collection (2014–16) 

Technical Unconscious Curator of the European Project at Cooperativa dos Pedreiros, Porto (2013–2014) 

Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture Cultural programmer and curator of Architecture (2010–2012) 

Lab’Bel – Laboratory of Contemporary Art Cultural consultant and scenographer (since 2010) 

Alternativa – Gdansk Contemporary Art Festival Co-curator of Materiality exhibition (2012) 

Evento 2009 – Bordeux Public Art Biennial Co-curator of public program (2008–09) 

Rectorate of the University of Porto
Curator, scenographer, producer (2006–2009) 

Institute of Art – Portuguese Ministry of Culture Coordinator of the Laboratory of Experimental Art (2003–05)